Disease Awareness Communication for Associations and Groups   
MDTV has been producing Disease State Education for professionals and consumers since 1998. This non promotional non commercialized production concept was conceived by MDTV to be easily scaled for worldwide, national, or local reach. By working in concert  with all major TV broadcast network affiliate stations they best serve and enhance relations with their local communities.

In a similiar manner associations and groups can now have their own MDTV channel to enhance member relations and goodwill. Give members the tools to easily educate through video while promoting the association brand. Best of all it's FREE from MDTV Inc , a non profit 501 (c) 3 charity... learn more.... 
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MDTV Syndication Network   
Distribution of customized content on any screen to targeted audiences of choice is accomplished via the MDTV Syndication team.  
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This MDTV channel below is aired and syndicated on thousands of media web pages with over 2 million veiwers each month.

This Public Health TV player is aired and syndicated to all muinicipalities in NJ. Go Google Public Health TV and see the power!

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